“After more than ten years at large premier law firms, I wanted to be able to provide the personal, flexible and responsive service that clients want, without all the bloated overhead of a large firm.

"I don't see myself as someone who merely addresses my clients' legal issues, but a partner who innovatively solves my clients' business issues that happen to have a legal component."

Leonard J. Augustine, Jr.

Services Offered

Services offered by Augustine Legal:
  • Corporate Formation and Governance
    • Corporate/company formation
    • Founders agreements
    • Angel and venture capital financings
    • Stock transfers
    • Employment agreements, compensation and benefits
    • Board minutes and other corporate records
    • Advising on mergers and acquisitions
    • "Outside" General Counsel - managing day-to-day legal matters
  • Contracts and Licensing
    • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
    • Employment documents and agreements, including invention assignment agreements
    • Contracts with partners, suppliers, customers, distributors, sales representatives, and independent contractors
    • Intellectual property licensing and technology partnerships
  • Intellectual Property
    • Establishing company policies and procedures for identifying key intellectual property, including patents and trade secrets
    • Overseeing invention disclosure and patent prosecution processes
    • Advise regarding patent protection and prosecution
    • Patent infringement analysis and counseling
    • Trademark, copyright and trade secret protection
  • Litigation Consulting and Services
    • Consulting services for patent and other intellectual property litigation, as well as employment disputes, securities litigation, and general commercial litigation
    • Discovery services, including institution of electronic discovery policies and procedures, discovery review and discovery production services
    • Deposition representation
  • Other services on a case-by-case basis