Frequently Asked Questions

What types of clients does Augustine Legal represent?

    Augustine Legal generally focuses on representing entrepreneurs, early-stage technology companies and other businesses.  Augustine Legal also provides patent, intellectual property and technology litigation services to law firms.

What kind of services does Augustine Legal provide its clients?

    Having practiced at top Bay Area law firms for over ten years in a variety of legal disciplines -- including corporate governance and transactions, intellectual property, licensing and litigation -- Mr. Augustine has the broad knowledge and legal experience to act essentially as an outside "General Counsel" for early-stage and technology companies.  That broad experience uniquely positions Augustine Legal to guide you and your business around any obstacles to success.  Specific services provided are listed here.

How is Augustine Legal able to provide cost-efficient legal services?

    Augustine Legal does not have the bloated overhead of a large law firm, so it can provide responsive and efficient legal service.  The firm's small size also enables Augustine Legal to quickly and creatively adopt new cost-effective technological innovations.  Mr. Augustine worked in industry for almost a decade before becoming a lawyer, so he understands how to balance the legal considerations with the practical business realities to provide flexible and cost-efficient legal service.

Can Augustine Legal manage all of my company's legal issues?

    Augustine Legal can effectively handle almost any legal issue that an emerging company or entrepreneur typically faces.  For certain specialized legal matters, such as patent prosecution and public securities regulation, Augustine Legal can work with and/or refer you to attorneys that can provide you appropriate and cost-effective service.  Because of Mr. Augustine's broad experience, Augustine Legal can efficiently and effectively manage your relationship with any such attorneys, insulating you from expending time and energy on legal matters.

What litigation services does Augustine Legal provide?

    Mr. Augustine has been litigating patent and other intellectual property disputes for over ten years and provides consulting services to law firms with respect to such matters.  For its own clients, Augustine Legal focuses on providing terrific service in legal areas typically faced by early-stage companies, such as corporate formation and governance, commercial agreements, and identification, protection and licensing of intellectual property - in the event an Augustine Legal client needs litigation services, Augustine Legal will generally partner with a law firm specializing in providing litigation services and work with you and any such firm to ensure that your litigation is managed effectively and efficiently.

What patent-related services does Augustine Legal provide?

    Mr. Augustine has been registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 2003.  Mr. Augustine can work with you to identify patentable inventions, oversee invention disclosure policies and processes, draft and negotiate patent licenses, analyze patent infringement and invalidity issues and manage patent prosecution activities.  Mr. Augustine also provides litigation services to law firms with respect to patent and other intellectual property disputes.